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Artist: Suzuki Kason

Title: Black Umbrella

Date: 1916

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Black Umbrella (large surimono) Artist Kason Suzuki 1860-1919 Signature Kason ga Seal artist's seal Dated 1916 Technique/Medium Woodblock print Impression excellent - very good ... printed on a thick, soft pliable Japanese paper. Colors excellent - very good Condition good ... sheet is folded with two vertical folds, lightly creased, slightly soiled around the edges. Description Large surimono depicting a large black umbrella and falling cherry petals. Short poems by various people and kabuki actors such as Utaemon, Yaozo and Uzaemon. Width 22.6 inches = 57.5 cm Height 17.5 inches = 44.5 cm

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