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Artist: Miyagawa Shuntei

Title: Beauty and Cherry Blossom — Yusan-bune

Date: 1899

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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No: 8032 Artist: Shuntei Miyagawa 1873-1914 Signature: Shuntei Gyoshi Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro Date: 04/1898 Size: 27,5 x 13,9 in Format: 3 oban triptych Title: "Tosei fuzoku-tsu" Brauche der Gegenwart "Yusan-bune" Vergnugungsfahrt mit dem Boot. Impression: fine - , lacquer and silver printing, embossing Colors: fine Condition: very good - , Meiji albumbacking, light red transfere,middle sheet:in the ship- small part rubbed

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