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Artist: Ito Shinsui

Title: A hood — Okoso-Zukin

Date: 1950

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Artist: Shinsui Ito 1898-1972 Signature: Shinsui Publisher: Watanabe Seal: Shinsui Date: 1950 Size: 35,5 x 50,2 cm Format: dai-oban Title: "Okoso-Zukin" A hood. Literature: The female image - 20th century prints of japanese beauties, Abe Publ. LTD and Hotei Publ., 2313 Leiden, The Netherlands 2000, ISBN=4-87242-141-8 C3071, Reference: no. 88 Shinsui Ito - Exhibition catalogue of the Folk Museum of Ota Borough, Abe Publ. LTD and Hotei Publ., Tokyo, Japan 1993, ISBN=4-87242-141-8 C3071, Reference: no. 124

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