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Artist: Gekko Ohashi

Title: Musume Dojoji — 娘道成寺

Date: 1956

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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This is an genuine original Japanese woodblock print by great shin-hanga artist Ohashi Gekko (b.1895) portrait of the actor in “onnagata” role from the series "Kabuki Explanation and Stories, Series 2 ". The print is dated Showa 30 (1956). This print published by Kiyoto Hanga-In, Shinagawa Publishers in 1956, dated over Shinagawa seal on the left margin. Printed on special thick paper with extensive usage of “gouffrage”(embossing) and metallic (silver) pigment. Signed and sealed by artist in the image and titled in kanji inside the image. Large oban size 18 1/2" x 14 1/4". 大橋月? 木版画 「娘道成寺」 版元:京都版画院 昭和40年前後に出版。 紙サイズ:約47.5x35cm 彫師:柴村 摺師:進藤

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