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Artist: Nomura Yoshimitsu

Title: The Moon over Hirosawa — Hirosawa no Tsuki

Date: 1931

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Hirosawa no Tsuki (The Moon over Hirosawa) from the series Kyoraku Nesho (Famous scenes in Kyoto) by Nomura Yoshimitsu. Original woodblock print circa 1931. 9.6 x 15.0 inches. Same print displayed in the 1936 Toledo Exhibition. The ten artists shown at the exhibition are: Hakuho, Hasui, Kobayakawa, Kotondo, Shinsui, Shiro Kasamatsu, Shoson, Shunsen, Hiroshi Yoshida, and Yoshimitsu. Print is in very good condition. A little tape residue in upper corners. Light foxing as shown in scan. Limited edition Numbered 162/200 on verso. (See verso image which reads: Ni Hyaku Ban Kagiri Zeppan Dai Hayaku Rokuju ni Go.) Japanese title and Sato of Kyoto publisher's seal in right margin. Yoshimitsu characters and red Sankokai-in seal in upper left of image. 18 blocks used with 25 superimposed impressions. Compare with image 287 in the 1936 Toledo Exhibition Catalog. Rare and beautiful.

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