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Artist: Watanabe Nobukazu

Title: Award Ceremony — Koui Godairei no Zu

Date: 1900

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Award Ceremony Artist Nobukazu Watanabe 1874-1944 - click for artist Signature Oju Nobukazu ga Seal artist's seal (Yoshu) Dated 1900 Publisher Ishii Rokunosuke Impression very good Colors excellent … lacquer-shomenzuri, silver colored metallic pigment (not oxidized) Condition very good … (left panel) right upper and lower corners creased, a pin size worm hole on lower right area, (middle panel) a hole repaired on the middle upper area, full margined, not backed (original state) Description "Koui Godairei no Zu" The grand ceremony of Accession of a High Rank) A man sitting in the center is bestowed a high rank in the presence of Meiji Emperor and Emperess. This print has intricate lacquer-shomenzuri patterns on the brown background drapery. Format 3 Oban tate-e Width 29.5 inches = 75.0 cm Height 14.6 inches = 37.0 cm

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