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Artist: Niimi S

Title: Fuji Lake Reflection

Date: 1930

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Friday, 28 August 2009 RARE PRE-WAR ORIGINAL SIGNED JAPANESE WATERCOLOR BY S. NIIMI. This painting was purchased by my mother while she was living in Sendai from 1935-1938. It is medium sized painting measuring approximately 4.5 inches by 12 inches. Not much is known about pre-war Japanese painters since a much of Japan's history was destroyed during WWII. I do not know if S. Niimi survived the war to continue painting. Though my mother lived in Sendai, she frequently traveled about the country to Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe for example. Hence, I am not sure exactly where she purchased this watercolor. The picture on this listing does not do the watercolor justice. Mt. Fugi's snow cap has a delicate pink sunrise or sunset tone which is reflected in the still waters of the lake beneath it. Niimi's grasp of color to define depth within a watercolor medium is superb. The more I see of his work, the more enchanting they become - a serene portrait of pre-war Japan. This watercolor has never been mounted, framed, or displayed. It has been in her steamer trunk since she returned from Japan in 1938.

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