Maki Haku: Poem 72-2 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Maki Haku

Title: Poem 72-2

Date: 1972

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Haku Maki japanese woodblock print i have quite a variety of items going up for bid this week. please allow some time to view them. i think you will be happy with the time spent. this auction is for a wonderful japanese woodblock print by Haku Maki. the print is in (dare i say it) mint condition. it is pristine, never matted, beautiful front and back. the image is 4" by 8" on 7" by 10 1/2" thick paper. the colors are bright and dramatic. the gold is beautiful. there are even lines in the gold around the writing (photo 5). the color inside the lines appears to be shinnier than the color outside the line. a great piece from 1972.

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