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Artist: Mabuchi Toru

Title: Homi- Sweet Taste- Tasty

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Monday, 11 December 2006 Japanese Woodblock print by Toru Mabuchi. A still life featuring fruit has been titled "Homi" or "Sweet Taste". Also has been called "Tasty". Edition notation in pencil in center at bottom 34/100. Dated 1963 in right corner. Signed upper right corner. S a nice tractor. Frame measures 23 1/2 x 30 1/2. Image measures 22 x 16 inches. Original owner purchased from an art gallery in Japan in 1969. It was framed in the US in 1970. It is matted in a melon color with a wooden frame. This piece did experience some water damage about 15 years ago. It was hung on a wall below a ceiling leak. It was removed, tucked in dark, dry storage and forgotten about. The art itself looks to be unharmed, but the edges do show warping.

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