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Artist: Mabuchi Toru

Title: Earthenware Pots and Haniwa - C

Date: 1969

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 6 April 2010 Artist: Toru Mabuchi (Japanese: 1920 - 1994) Year: circa 1965 Medium: color woodblock Dimensions: 16 x 22" image Signature: pencil, upper right image; chop, upper right Edition Size: 16/30 Annotations: pencil titled in Japanese, editioned Reference: N/A Paper: Japanese State: published Publisher: artist Comments: Mabuchi did a series of prints based on the Kofun Period clay funery figurines known as Haniwa. The figure is depicted with pots. It is illustrated in "Contemporary Japanese Prints" by Kawakita, plate 148, page 175.

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