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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada III

Title: Kabuki

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Meiji Era Japanese Woodblock Print, Triptych, Housai This is a woodblock print triptych(3 pages making one picture) by Housai, size 27 inches wide by 14 inches high (total of 3 parts lain side by side, first view left); This is a scene from Kabuki theatre, the story of 2 men fighting over a lady, Benten Oteru. CONDITION: Has been well kept for its age (Meiji era= 1866-1912) there is only some minor dirt. 歌川国貞三代 : うたがわくにさだ3 : UTAGAWA KUNISADA3 氏 : 竹内 名 : 栄久 幼 : 朝太郎 号 : 国政四代 号 : 梅朝楼 号 : 梅堂 号 : 一寿斎 号 : 国貞三代 号 : 香朝楼 号 : 豊斎 氏 : 竹内 名 : 栄久 号 : 香朝楼

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