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Artist: Kotozuka Eiichi

Title: Osaka Castle

Date: circa 1950-1970

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Description: Artist: Eiichi Kotozuka 1906-1979 Title: Osaka Castle - Watercolor on Silk Date: Ca 1930 - 40s Publisher: Uchida Medium: Watercolors and sumi on silk Width Item 7.5 inches = 19.0 cm Height Item 3.9 inches = 9.8 cm Width Mat 8.1 inches = 20.5 cm Height Mat 5.6 inches = 14.2 cm Impression Hand painted on silk. Colors Very good. Condition Very good ... Toned. Slight foxing. Top corners are pasted on a presentation paper. Notes: A very fine original painting of Osaka castle in a snowy day. This design was published later as a print. It has been kept in the famous publisher in Kyoto, The Uchida, archives. An exceptional and rare item for the serious Japanese woodblock print collector

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