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Artist: Kitagawa Hidemaro

Title: Bijin Playing Hand Drum

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Thursday, 22 July 2010 "Hidemaro"'s Handpainted Hanging Scroll with Beauty Playing Hand Drum Motif, "Tsudzu-no-Ne" (Sound of Drums), which is written on the box lid in "Tomo-bako" (Wooden Box) Item COLLECTIBLES Width 67.5 cm 26.6 inch (approximate) Item No R278 Length 140 cm 55.1 inch (approximate) Material "Kenpon" (Silk) Condition Considering its age, it's in Good Condition. There are some part coming off. (Refer to the pictures, please.) Comment "Jiku-saki" (Rod edge) is made of ZOGE.

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