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Artist: Kokunimasa Utagawa

Title: Ferry and Mt. Fuji

Date: 1893

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Ferry and Mt. Fuji Artist Kokunimasa Utagawa 1874-1944 - click for artist Signature Kokunimasa Dated 1893 Technique/Medium Woodblock print Impression very good Colors very good ... shomen-zuri Condition good ... light discolorations around the edges, slightly soiled. (left panel) light red ink specks in the middle. (middle p.) slight red transfer stains on the hands of the lady in the middle. (right p.) light red transfer stain on right area Description Ladies and a child are enjoying a ferry ride on Sumida River looking at Mt. Fuji and Ryogoku Bridge. Format 3 Oban tate-e Width 27.8 inches = 70.5 cm Height 14.2 inches = 36.0 cm

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