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Artist: Kawase Hasui

Title: Arayu Road, Shiobara

Date: 1919

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011 Catalog ID 8404 Artist Kawase Hasui Title Arayu Road, Shiobara Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print Series Title Edition First, and only Date 1919 Publisher S. Watanabe Reference No Hotei # 4 Size 7 -1/8 x 18 -3/4 " Nagaban format Condition Very fine. The vertical line at the right edge of the design is a natural crease in the Hosho paper. Notes: Hasui's notes state: "This plateau of mostly oak trees is located at the top of the road leading from the town of Furumachi to Arayu Spa. Is was mid-autumn; the oak leaves were turning red and the field was completely yellow. I tried to express the grandiose beauty of nature in autumn by contrasting the distinct cobalt-blue mountains with the floating clouds in an infinite sky."

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