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Artist: Kawano Kaoru

Title: Woman Holding a Baby

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Kawano, Kaoru- WOMAN HOLDING A BABY- 2.jpg is: KAORU KAWANO GIRL WITH BABY/ MADONNA AND CHILD JAPAN 1916-1955 Original wood block in colors (c. 1955). The image size is 15"x9 1/4" on 11 1/4"x17" heavy rice paper, with margins. Signed by the artist with the chopmark in red in the lower right corner of the image. There is a number in the upper right margin. With the publisher's seal in the lower right corner verso. With the artist's name and title verso in pencil. This is a fine impression in very good condition. There is some faint creasing in the image which may have been produced when the print was being pulled. Also, there are two groups of indentions in the upper right margin and lower right margin.

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