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Artist: Kawano Kaoru

Title: Conversation- Oban

Date: Not set

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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A coloured Woodcut c1950, unknown title Veiled Child. Kaoru Kawano Japanese Printmaker. Oban sized prints are all lifetime strikes. Within the image is a red chop mark as well as a signature pencil signed. Printed on thick paper on verso bottom right is the #14. Actual size 9 14/16"W. X 14 14/16"H. This is not laid down and there are no tears, very slight toning, one fox mark in right margin. Slight soiling in margins. There are 4 small pin sized holes in each corner. Creasing, 2 -1" creases in bottom margin and a 3rd in the margin that extends 1 1/2" into image. A crease in the right margin 1" and a second 1" crease in margin which extends another 1" into image. On the right, in image above red seal are scratch marks which do not disrupt the surface but are apparent when the print is held in the correct light. The longest mark extends form the edge of the image near signature to the knee of the child on the right. As the backround is a dark olive matt finish, rubs tend to showup in a shiny line. Several creases along top margin, where the print was once attached to a mat. On verso, surface paper has been removed where the print was once attached to a mat on 4 sides.

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