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Artist: Kawai Gorota

Title: Spring evening — 春宵

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Friday, 7 November 2008 Authentic woodblock print, ca. 1930's, Showa era. Not sure how to translate the artist's name - "Gorota" or "Goryota." Shin Hanga Bijin print from the great era of Shinsui, Goyo and Kotondo. Highest quality printing, with baren rubbings, blind printing, gofun like white pigment. Large size - 58 x 41 cm. No backing, beautiful pigment bleedthrough. Fine condition except for small tape evidence on the bottome verso and a strip of discoloration across the top margin, but flaws do not affect the image - would look amazing framed. I believe this print must be rare - I have only seen it once in four years. Seals at the lower right corner - Artists seal, Kyoto hanga-in publisher seal, Shinagawa edition seal, Shibamura carver seal and Ito printer seal.

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