Katsuda Yukio: No 140 Persimmons - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Katsuda Yukio

Title: No 140 Persimmons

Date: 1982

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Monday, 21 February 2011 Yukio Katsuda Persimmons (1982) a d 5/10 No. 140 I was given this litho in Tokyo in the summer of 1985. I kept going back to it again and again, but could not afford it. I was struck by the depth of the work, the texture, balance and color. A friend with whom I was traveling saw my attachment and went back to buy it secretly. She gave it to me months later on my birthday. I have seen no references to it in any of the Katsuda displays. I think it a fine work, perhaps not up to sunflowers, but still fine. I attach a picture of it. There is a bit of reflection from another window. Ian Robertson

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