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Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

Title: Snow — 雪

Date: 1957

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Signed, large, Modern Japanese woodblock print by Shiro Kasamatsu in 1957. The woodblock is a double oban size and measures 19" by 14" image, 21" by 15" paper. The print is signed lower right within the print, and again in pencil, lower right margin, 'Shiro Kasamatsu' it is also titled? Lower center in pencil. 版画家 【笠松紫浪】 木版画 「雪」 1957年作 サイン・印有 笠松紫浪 (かさまつ しろう) 紙・木版画作品 画面左上に版上印、 下に鉛筆による画題「雪」、 製作年 (1957)、 ローマ字サイン、

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