Henmi Takashi: Late Autumn at Yachi in Towadako National Park - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Henmi Takashi

Title: Late Autumn at Yachi in Towadako National Park

Date: 1950

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 25 January 2005 A vintage hand made woodblock print possibly by Kawase Hasui, the style is identical to his, but I'm not familiar with the signature on this piece. This print depicts a village at dusk near the base of a mountain and is 10 1/4" by 15 3/8" in overall size, including the boarders, the image area is 10 1/8" by 15 1/2" in size. The colors are still very vivid and the paper has retained it's whiteness. This print is attached to the backing board in only two small spots on both upper corners of the print, the rest of the print is unattached to the board. The condition is good, with no rips, stains, scratches or repairs, though there are 2 pin-holes in the upper corners on the boarder.

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