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Artist: Ito Nisaburo

Title: Sparrows and Bamboo

Date: circa 1950-1970

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Sparrows and Bamboo original water color painting provenance: Uchida Family Archives. Artist Nisaburo Ito 1910-1988 Seal Artist's seal on each works. Dated Ca. 1930-50. Publisher Uchida. Medium/Technique Watercolor on paper. Impression 1: Watercolor painting. Colors Excellent - Very good. Condition (Water Color Painting) Excellent - Very good … Two pin sized holes on the upper margin corners. Description The very rare set of original hand painting and a trial proof of sparrows and bamboo. The sparrow on the lower left was apparently ommitted for the commercial print production. The exceptional and rare items for the serious Japanese woodblock print collectors and institutions, who want the fine example of the creative process of commercial print production. Note Uchida Han is an important Japanese publishing company with branches in both Tokyo and Kyoto. Founded in 1919, the company is still in existence today as an active publisher of shin-hanga in addition to publishing re-strikes of Edo period ukiyo-e prints. Format Dai-Oban Width Item 11.6 inches = 29.5 cm Height Item 17.2 inches = 43.7 cm

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