Ito Nisaburo: Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Snow — 御室 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Ito Nisaburo

Title: Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Snow — 御室

Date: 1950

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Muro Temple in Snow - original water color painting provenance: Uchida Family Archives. Artist Nisaburo Ito 1910-1988 Signature "Nisaburo Itoh" on the print. Dated Ca. 1930-50. Publisher Uchida. Medium/Technique Watercolor on paper. Impression 1: Watercolor painting on "Uchida" watermarked paper. Colors Very good. Condition Very good .. Watercolor painting has light creases. Both of them are lightly toned and slightly soiled. Format Dai-Oban Width Item 11.7 inches = 29.8 cm Height Item 17.8 inches = 45.3 cm

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