Ito Nisaburo: Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Snow — 御室雪塔 おむろせっとう - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Ito Nisaburo

Title: Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Snow — 御室雪塔 おむろせっとう

Date: 1950

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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This print is a Japanese Wood Block / Woodblock print by the artist Nisaburo Ito. The title is "Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Snow". It is from the Uchida Art Company in Japan -- a company that is seeking to preserve the traditional techniques of Japanese Woodblock printing. The print is professionally framed and there is a a paper glued to the back that gives a detail description of Japanese Woodblock Printing and the Uchida company's efforts to preserve it. The print measures about 15 1/2" X 21" in the frame. It is signed in the print.

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