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Artist: Ito Nisaburo

Title: Niagara Falls

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 Dear Ross, I hope that this finds you well during these difficult times for Japan. I'd like to thank you again for kindly sending me a copy of your fine catalog. I refer to it often, with great pleasure. A question for you - I recently purchased a small (6 -1/2 x 9 inches) work by Nisaburo Ito that appears to be a watercolor, rather than a print. I've examined it carefully under magnification, and see no key block lines or baren swirls, and the colors all appear to have been brush applied. There is also white body-color applied as a final step, indicating the smoke from the boat, as well as on the small lanterns. A jpg is attached. I read that he produced scenes of Kyoto and was published by Uchida, but wondered if you knew when he might have visited the U.S.? Might the Uchida folks have such a record? Thanks for your assistance and best regards, Frank Castle

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