Ikeda Terukata: January - The Game of Poem Cards — 一月賀留多 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Ikeda Terukata

Title: January - The Game of Poem Cards — 一月賀留多

Date: 1924

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Beauty in January - Collection of New Ukiyo-e Style Beauties Artist Terukata Gyokudo 1883-1921 Seal artist's seal (terukata) Dated 1924 Technique/Medium Woodblock print Impression excellent Colors excellent - very good Condition good … light toning, numerous light brown spots. Description From the series, "Shin Ukiyo-e Bijin Awase" (Collection of New Ukiyo-e style Beauties) Beauty in January is playing cards. She sits next to a charcoal brazier. Note "Made in Japan" stamped on verso. Format Dai-Oban Width 11.4 inches = 29.0 cm Height 17.7 inches = 45.0 cm Literature Newland, Amy R.; and S. Hamanaka, "The Female Image: 20th Century Prints of Japanese Beauties", Leiden: Hotei, 2000, ISBN 90 74822 20 7, - pg. 104, pl.135

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