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Artist: Ikeda Shuzo

Title: Unknown, Face in Tree, Autumn

Date: 1968

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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OK, THE SECRET IS OUT, THIS A WELL LISTED ARTIST THAT WAS UNKNOWN TO ME, THEN I RECEIVED A FEW EMAILS ABOUT THE WORKS, I WILL LEAVE THE WORDING BELOW UNCHANGED, THIS IS BY SHUZO IKEDA BORN 1922 AND LISTED EVERYWHERE. Now here is a really nice abstract woodblock print in the tradition of Saito, but for the life of me all of the prints I've sold I cannot make out the signature of this artist. This woodblock is dated 1968 and is limited to number 40 of a 100, this is a neat abstract of a tree and what looks like a Nun, or just a ladie's profile in a tree with Autumn leaves. This woodblock measures 18 inches by 12 1/2 inches and is in perfect condition and has great bleedthrough.

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