Toyohara Chikanobu: Tour by boat- Okawa-river — 大川筋 御成 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Toyohara Chikanobu

Title: Tour by boat- Okawa-river — 大川筋 御成

Date: 1897

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Triptych: The Pleasure Craft Artist: Chikanobu Format: Oban triptych: each sheet: 14.25" x 9.25" Subject: The Tokugawa Shogun aboard his pleasure craft on the Okawa River. The Shogun is sitting on the second floor of the vessel beside hoisting banners and curtains with the crest of the Tokugawa family. His guard ships are sailing alongside. Fishermen in two boats are catching fish with hand-thrown nets. Publisher: Fukuda Hatsujiro Date: 1897 Condition: Slightly trimmed. Album backing paper. The centre and right sheet united. Some light soils and light toning. Minor creases, marks and flaws. Generally good state. Colour: Fine colors with some oxidation of the pink pigment. Impression: Fine impressions with gauffrage and burnishing.

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