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Artist: Paul Binnie

Title: After a Bath

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tuesday, 2 January 2007 Title After Bath - Collection of Eastern Brocade Beauties limited edition : 1 / 100 Artist Paul Binnie born 1967 Biography Resume Signature Signed and numbered by artist in pencil on lower margin Seal Artist's seal Dated 2006 Publisher Published by the artist Medium/Technique Woodblock print Impression Printed on a handmade, Japanese paper Colors excellent … gold colored metallic pigment Condition excellent - very good Edition Size 100 Numbered 1 / 100 Description "Furo Agari" (After Bath). This is the second print in a new series of Japanese women called 'To Nishiki Bijin Awase' (A Collection of Eastern Brocade Beauties). For a detailed description by the artist himself, please read the related article. Width Item 12.0 inches = 30.5 cm Height Item 17.3 inches = 44.0 cm Width Image 10.2 inches = 26.0 cm Height Image 15.0 inches = 38.0 cm

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