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Artist: Bakufu Ohno

Title: Hitachi Shipbuilding and Engineering Co

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Hitachi Japanese Woodblock Print by Ohno This listing presents one Japanese Woodblock Print by Ohno. Of a ship, it reads Hitachi over Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. at the bottom. I found it taped to a matt with masking tape that had moisture damage. The print has a torn of top right corner with a border of toning resultant of fading as viewed. a small area of moisture damage is present at the lower left side where the smaller boat sits in front of the islands. I don't know if this was initially made as a decorative woodblock print or done by Ohno as an advertisement for Hitachi. Measuring 7 & 3/4" (x) 11 & 1/4" overall, it is in poor condition with remnent masking tape adhered to the back edges. Please note the USPS First-class fixed price shipping.

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