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Artist: Bakufu Ohno

Title: Farmer and Mule

Date: 1952

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Bakufu, Ohno- Homestead.jpg is: japan woodblock print by B. Ohno rural scene. good condition. size:15 x 10.5 inches signed in pencil "b. ohno"Also seal and chop. hinged to matt, framed. Also: Ohno Bakufu (1888-1976). “Farmer and Mule”, illuminated scene, published by Kiyoto Hanga-in in 1952. No toning, folds or creases. The print is not trimmed or setdown. Excellent impression, colors and registrations. With hand painted embellishments of “gofun”. Signed by ink by the artist in japanese Ohno Bakufu and in western style B. Ohno inside the image. Has seal Bakufu. Publisher seals of Kyoto-Hanga-in on the right margin. Oban size 15 1/4" x 10 1/2". This print reprodused in “Collectors value guide to Japanese Woodblock prints” by Sandra Andacht, pg.64.

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