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Artist: Bakufu Ohno

Title: Black Sea Bream- Kurodai — クロダイ

Date: 1939

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Saturday, 15 March 2008 Title Black Sea Bream - Pictures of Fish in Japan Vol.3 first edition - complete with original folder Artist Bakufu Ono 1888-1976 Signature Bakufu. Seal Artist's seal. Dated 1939. Publisher Nishinomiya-shoin, Dainippon Gyoruigashu Kankokai.. Medium/Technique Woodblock print. Impression Excellent … First edition. Embossed. Colors Excellent - Very good. Condition Very good … Light toning, Slight discoloration on the lower middle background. The print comes with the original portfolio cover, folder and explanation in Japanese. Description From "Dai-nippon Gyorui Gashu" (Pictures of Fish in Japan). Two "Kurodai" (Black Sea Bream) swim around coral bed. Bakufu was the best known for the series of 72 fish prints, "Dai-nippon Gyorui Gashu" (Pictures of Fish in Japan) which was published in 5 parts between 1937 and 1942 (or 44) as not-for-public, 500 limited edition. Its artistic beauty and scientific correctness have been admired by both print collectors as well as fish enthusiasts. The natural history prints had been created by using dead animals. Even John James Audubon who observed living animals extensively, used dead specimen when he made his detailed sketches. But Bakufu Ohno made the most of his designs from his sketches of living animals. These delightful and exquisite prints required between 135 to 200, some up to 250, impressions from the blocks, . Note Carver Fujikawa Shosai (or Shouro), Printer Mitsumoto. Format Oban yoko-e Width Item 15.7 inches = 40.0 cm Height Item 11.0 inches = 28.0 cm Width Mat 14.2 inches = 36.0 cm Height Mat 19.5 inches = 49.5 cm

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