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Artist: Azechi Umetaro

Title: Ishi-Something Mountaion

Date: 1952

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Original Woodblock By Umetaro Azechi (1902-1999) TITLE: Uknown, but titled in japanese on back of print. size: 17 1/4 x 12 3/4" PUBLISHED: Uknown, but dated in japanese upper right hand corner in margin. carved printed and published by the artist, edition uknown. signed in pencil at bottom left. u. azechi and artist red seal at right on bottom. CONDITION: Very good, color and impression very good, slight creases at corners, but not bad, two gray ink stains in margin next to signature done at the time of the printing. tape residue at top on verso. This is a very striking print and the only one we have had that is silver-toned which gives it a sparkling effect.

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