Fujishima Takeji: Hamaotsu Yacht Harbor — 浜大津 - Japanese Art Open Database

Artist: Fujishima Takeji

Title: Hamaotsu Yacht Harbor — 浜大津

Date: 1960

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Source: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Hamaotsu Yacht Harbor Artist Takeji Asano 1900-1999 Signature Takeji ga koku Dated 1960 Period Sosaku hanga Impression excellent ... (self-carved by the artist) Colors excellent - very good Condition excellent ... light toning, edges tipped on decorative cardboard Rating 1 = excellent Description "Hama Otsu". Colorful yachts sail in the bay of Hama-otsu. (The wavy lines on the scanned image are caused by the tipped edges of the print. They are not defect and not very noticable on the actual print.) Format Aiban yoko-e Width 13.4 inches = 34.0 cm Height 9.8 inches = 25.0 cm

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