Shotei Hokuju: Saruhasi Bridge in Kai Province - Honolulu Museum of Art

Artist: Shotei Hokuju

Title: Saruhasi Bridge in Kai Province

Date: c. 1818

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Source: Honolulu Museum of Art
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Saruhashi Bridge in Kai province is known to be one of the Three Rarest Bridges in Japan. It is crossing over the very deep gorge. The appearnace surronded by nature is so memorable that it is registered as one of the most famous views in Japan by the government. Hokuju placed this bridge in the center of the composition. What makes this print outstanding is that Hokuju places nothing behind the bridge and two mountains on the side beside the blue sky and white clouds. The bridge appears to be floating in the sky or space. Or the mountains and the bridge is isolated from other part of nature. This print may demonstarate the level of understanding of the use of the Western perspective by Japanese artists of the time. However, the incomplete way of using the method is craeting this very unique atmosphere and image. (from Hokusai His Students exhibition 1/30/2007-)

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