Miyagawa Choshun: painting / handscroll - British Museum

Artist: Miyagawa Choshun

Title: painting / handscroll

Date: 1716-1736 (c.)

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Source: British Museum
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Pair of handscrolls, painting. Scenes of pleasure in Edo, indoors and out, in spring and early summer: (First scroll) auspicious scenes of New Year games of shuttlecock and battledore; indoor games of backgammon and cards, pair of mendicant musicians; woman painting a standing screen surrounded by audience of courtesans; (Second scroll) outdoor scenes: woman of noble household arriving in palanquin with retinue to view cherry blossom; boisterous partying and circle dance under trees; puppet shows, peepshows, performing monkey and magic tricks for groups of women and children; young master on shoulders of retainer. Ink, colour and gold on paper. Signed and sealed.

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