Torii Kiyomasu I: Kabuki (Fake Print) - Artelino

Artist: Torii Kiyomasu I

Title: Kabuki (Fake Print)

Details & Prices: Torii Kiyomasu I: Kabuki (Fake Print) - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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Fake print of "Oiso Otori Gumi". Kabuki actors are in the rolls of Oiso no Tora and Soga Brothers by Torii Kiyomasu. This is one of the "fake" prints produced by the masters such as Takamizawa, Kaneko and Kobayashi Bunshichi. These prints have been given artificial patina and worn-out conditions to simulate their proposed age. Although this print was cleverly done, it is rather obvious that it was "faked". The "Real-Fake" prints were produced with even higher care for selecting colors and papers to give better period feeling.

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