Ogata Gekko: Tomoe, the Female Warrior (Kuchi-e) - Artelino

Artist: Ogata Gekko

Title: Tomoe, the Female Warrior (Kuchi-e)

Date: Ca. 1900s.

Details & Prices: Ogata Gekko: Tomoe, the Female Warrior (Kuchi-e) - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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The renowned female warrior, Tomoe-gozen in 11th Century. Her husband (lover?) was Genji General, Kiso Yoshinaka. She was described as follows in "The Tale of Heike" : Tomoe was especially beautiful, with white skin, long hair, and charming features. She was also a remarkably strong archer, and as a swords-woman she was a warrior worth a thousand, ready to confront a demon or a god, mounted or on foot. She handled unbroken horses with superb skill; she rode unscathed down perilous descents. Whenever a battle was imminent, Yoshinaka sent her out as his first captain, equipped with strong armor, an oversized sword, and a mighty bow; and she performed more deeds of valor than any of his other warriors.

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