Maekawa Senpan: Deck of Murasaki-maru - Artelino

Artist: Maekawa Senpan

Title: Deck of Murasaki-maru

Date: Before W.W.II, ca. 1920-30s.

Details & Prices: Maekawa Senpan: Deck of Murasaki-maru - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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�The deck of a passenger ship, Murasaki-maru. Senpan MAEKAWA's comment on the print, "Since I do not have much chance to see a Western style ship; the form, colors and the structure of a passenger ship were very exotic and attractive to me. The cross section of the geometric lines and planes, the strong parallel lines and the hard ninety-degree angles persuaded me to design 'Deck of Murasaki-maru'. In order to express these feelings, I thought using Black and White is more effective than using colors. There are still some areas and the faulty perspective which I could not be satisfied with, but over all, I think the first goal was met. I also think that using oil-based ink instead of the familiar water-colors helped to create more feeling of strength.".

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