Kasamatsu Shiro: Flower of All Seasons - Artelino

Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

Title: Flower of All Seasons

Date: Ca. 1970s.

Details & Prices: Kasamatsu Shiro: Flower of All Seasons - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Hana Oriori" (Flower of All Seasons). Six narrow format prints. Size: 90 x 390mm each. Print 1: "Ume" (Plum). Winter. Floral Language is happiness and longevity. Print 2: "Tsubaki" ( Camellia). Early Spring. The oil was used for the hair treatment. Prints 3: "Shobu" (Iris). Late Spring. The flower for the Children's Day in May. Print 4: "Asagao" (A Morning Glory). Summer. Many poems and songs have been made for the early morning flower. 5: "Kikyo" (Broad Bell Flower). Autumn. It symbolize the purity. Print 6: "Kiku" (Chrysanthemum). Late Autumn. Japan's national flower.

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