Tetsu: Still Life - Ichimokushu Vol. 3 - Artelino

Artist: Tetsu

Title: Still Life - Ichimokushu Vol. 3

Date: 1947.

Details & Prices: Tetsu: Still Life - Ichimokushu Vol. 3 - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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Description: From Sosaku-hanga folio, "Ichimoku-shu" Vol. 3. "Seibutsu" (Still Life). The folio was published from "Ichimoku-kai", a small sosaku-hanga artists group established by Koshiro Onchi in 1939. The group consisted of Jun'ichiro Sekino, Umetaro Azechi and Yamaguchi Gen. The membership gradually increased and they decided to publish a group folio in 1944. They published the folio on and off every year from 1944 through 1950s. 17 to 24 prints were included in one folio depending on the membership at the time. Ichimoku-kai became the spearhead to introduce Sosaku-hanga to Japanese public and the overseas later.

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