Munakata Shiko: Group of Butterflies - Artelino

Artist: Munakata Shiko

Title: Group of Butterflies

Date: 1930.

Details & Prices: Munakata Shiko: Group of Butterflies - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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From the Sosaku Hanga folio, "Hanga" which was published during 1924-30, sold by subscription. Vol.1 - Vol.15 were sold as Hanga album in which the individual prints, ten in each volume, were included separately. Only the last volume, no.16, was bound in magazine format in which each print was pasted on the inside pages. Here, from Vol.16, "Guncho" (Group of Butterflies). Shiko Munakata commented on his print, "A few lines and dots carved on a woodblock can hold the beauty and the strength equal to those of the entire surface of the woodblock. I always enphasise the simple, straight forward effects in the woodblock printing. I do not have much to say for this print, but I was very pleased to see this print expressed my idea about woodblock printing.".

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