Unknown: Samurai Parade - toy prints - Artelino

Artist: Unknown

Title: Samurai Parade - toy prints

Date: Ca. 1870s.

Details & Prices: Unknown: Samurai Parade - toy prints - Artelino

Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Shinban; Musha-zoroi" (List of Warriors). "omocha-e" (toy prints for children to cut out and play. Collecting toy prints became quite popular in Japan recently. Although the printing quality and paper quality are inferior, their appeal come from the charming and homely feeling" unique to the Omocha-e made in late Edo to Mid-Meiji (1860-1890)periods. The original colors and the "unique tastes" are very different from those often seen on the later Omocha-e.) 25 famous warriors such as Tomoe Gozen, Minamoto Yoshitsune, Kusunoku Masashige, Shibata Katsu'ie, Sakai Kyuzo, etc.

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