Wada Sanzo: Shakuhach Players - Artelino

Artist: Wada Sanzo

Title: Shakuhach Players

Date: Original series in 1928-43, until 1948 after the war. Second series in 1954-58.

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Source: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Showa Shokugyo E-zukushi" (Sketches of Occupations in Showa Era) The priests from the Fuke Sect. They visit houses to beg for money or rice by playing shakuhachi flute. This print series which depicted the new and the old, dying occupations in Japan in early to mid 20th Century was very popular and even featured on the Asahi Newspapers everytime the new design was published. The series was interrupted by W.W.II. After the war, Kyoto Hanga-in made the continuation of the series and 24 more designs.

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